LEGO® Star WarsTM: The Force Awakens

LEGO® Star Wars<sup>TM</sup>: The Force Awakens
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My main responsibility on the project was assisting in the development and maintenance of new gameplay mechanics, adapting existing game mechanics to work within the game's design and looking after specific code requirements (one-off mechanics, boss fights etc.) of several of the game's levels. Some of the mechanics I was responsible for included the security-panel minigames (Astromech, First Order, Resistance and Protocol), the Goggles minigame and Chewbacca's Thermal Detonators.

One of my bigger level responsibilities involved working with Script, Tech and Animation on the Captain Phasma boss fight; providing code-support for her various phases, mechanics and behaviours.

I also assisted in the development of the game's new Blaster Battle mechanic where my responsibilities included supplementary elements such as animations, hazard indicators and power-up mode.

Throughout the project I also assisted in bug-fixing and optimisations; particularily for last-generation consoles.