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Kuria is a 3D tactile puzzle game for the Playstation Vita.

Kuria was the game created by Team Insert Imagination for the 2014 Dare to be Digital competition in Dundee. I was part of a team of 5 students from Abertay University and Norwich University of the Arts (with an external audio composer). We were given 7 and a half weeks to create the game upon entering the competition, before demoing it to the public over the 4 day Protoplay event.

The core gameplay of Kuria involved using both the touch screen and rear touch pad of the Playstation Vita to manipulate the game world. Players were tasked with escorting a treasure chest avatar through a 3D maze via rotation of the world itself. The core design philosphy of the game was to recreate the same tactile experience players get when using a real 3D puzzle world toy. With it's dual-touch interface, the Playstation Vita proved to be an ideal platform to realise this design: allowing the interaction to rely less on traditional button input and more on touch and gestures.

My primary responsibilities at the beginning of the project were to develop our core game framework and to set up the team's Perforce version control. This game framework was designed to work with the existing Abertay Framework: an in-house framework used by Abertay University to teach students Vita development. After our core framework was established, my responsibilities shifted to developing our core gameplay mechanic of rotating the game world through responsive touch gestures as well as establishing a simple, lightweight physics system for the game. I also contributed in the implementation in a number of our UI elements including the front-end, in-game UI and end-game score screen.

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